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Accidents happen. A pan may overheat and cause a fire. A pipe may break. Burglars might break a window. A thousand litre keg may quietly empty. An employee may fall ill for a long time.

No worries. No matter what happens, we have the solution. With our tailor-made hospitality insurance, you can insure countless risks. We provide a valuation and risk inspection.
So that you know exactly what you can count on and your customers know how to prevent any damage. This also allows us to offer you highly competitive premiums.

Our services

  • Useful tips

    When taking out insurance with us, we perform a risk inspection. This provides you with a report full of practical recommendations. We call this the prevention scan. This makes it clear to you what your customer can do to prevent damage.*
  • Fast claims handling

    We make sure claims are processed as fast as possible, so you can keep your focus fully on your customer. 
  • Clear valuation

    As part of taking out insurance with us, we perform a valuation. This way, you can be sure that your customer does not pay too much and is not insured for too high an amount. It also prevents your customer from being insured for too low an amount and not being paid for all of the damage. Thanks to this valuation you can count on a 'guarantee against underinsurance'. This means a full damage pay-out even if your customer turns out to be underinsured.*

    * Beach pavilions are inspected and valuated every year as their dismantling and rebuilding can cause huge discrepancies.

Choose the coverage that’s right for you

Buildings insurance

You are the property owner and want the best coverage for your property. A good buildings insurance policy covers fire, storm, water and burglary damage, amongst other things.

Tenants insurance

You rent the property and want to make improvements, such as a new ceiling or updated floor. This is covered by tenants insurance.

Business interruption

Your business is damaged in such a way that you are not able to make a turnover for weeks and it may even take months before your turnover is back to its old levels. You are not making a profit, yet you still have to pay your fixed costs. A business interruption clause covers these costs.


Say a customer slips on your freshly cleaned floor and their expensive bag breaks as a result. A liability clause covers this damage.


A good day quickly brings in thousands of dollars/pounds/euros in cash. With cash insurance cover you insure these bills and coins against theft. A precondition for this insurance is that you must store the cash safely in a good vault outside of your operating hours.

Environmental damage

Should your business’ surroundings become damaged, for instance while putting out a fire, you may be held liable by your local government. An environmental damage clause covers the costs of cleaning, research and even defence if applicable. It also covers costs associated with cleaning, such as replacing buried cables or renovating pavement.

Legal aid

A legal conflict can arise just like that and lawyers are expensive. One call and you have a bill on your doormat. With legal expenses insurance you get free telephone advice. You then determine the best approach together with your lawyer. You are not alone.

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Clever customization

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